Sunday, July 30, 2006

Was it really only ninety minutes?

At approximately 6:45 this evening, I was perusing my favorite message board, preparatory to answering the question, "What exactly IS a cucumber sandwich?" when, with alarums and excursions, I lost the interwebbienet, the computer, the A/C, the water pump and the washer and dryer.

In short, the power went out.

As I live directly across the street from the substation, I knew I didn't need to call and complain--I'm always among the first to have power after a one of Cuyahoga Falls' rare outages. I whiled away the time yakking on the phone to Mallie and ABG. One of the things that struck me was how the three of us could have a perfectly reasonable discussion about inheritance taxes when the 5 page thread on that subject on the AH has become a SRCOC* thread for me.

Fortunately, just before the power went off, the temperature dropped and there was a bit of a breeze, so while I got sweaty, it wasn't the total drenchedness it would have been had I been outside when it was 87ºF. I am pretty dependent on electricity, not just for the computer, but because my well pump is electric. Fortunately, I've got two pre-Prohibition 3.5 gallon toilets and usually between one and four five-gallon bottles of water in the house. It probably wouldn't hurt to fill one of the empties with tap water, though, and dump it on a regular basis...

At any rate, the power came back on at 8:25, and thank dog for battery-operated clocks and my cell phone, as I had to run around re-setting clocks. The VCR gets to blink until I have a chance to sit down and change it, but it's all the way in the living room, so who cares? *grin*

*SRCOC: Sacred Rubber Chicken of Chastisement, which I use to whack people who swear they are going to stay out of particular threads or types of threads and then violate their promises to themselves. I shall use it on myself if I go back in that thread. *serious nod*


Canuck Girl said...

You have real toilets...lucky girl.

I'm glad you made the best of your blackout experience.

"Snorkle" snicker's evil twin said...

Yes it was only 90 minutes, and it could have been worse, it could have gone out during your convo with the cute guy who cooks.

More journal entries on the double, I am not being properly entertained!

Henry Cabot Henhaus III said...

hokay - why did you have to drag chickns into it....