Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"What the World Needs Now"

Is socks, more socks...

Or perhaps,

"Some people wanna fill the world with silly sock stories
What's wrong with that? I'd like to know,
'cause here I go agaaaaaaaaaaain."

22 yes votes, 2 maybes and 2 who cares when I polled the AH regarding my latest venture into sockrotica. I went ahead and wrote it, since it was rattling around in the empty real estate laughingly known as my brain. Because the Heather wrote the second line of the story, there is a character named after her. And because the Sherri is so cuddly-cute, there is one named after her as well. I've not yet met the sock strong enough to be named after Snicker, but I'm keeping my eyes open.

This is sock horror, the longest, darkest sock story yet. I am saving it for the Halloween contest (I can post it for the contest on October 1st). Right now, it's sitting on my hard drive, blandly named "HalloweenSockStory." Current contenders for the name are:

"Live and Let Dye"
"Sock Hell"
"Night of the Darned"
"Twisted Yarn"
"Nightmare on Lint Street" *NEW

Any other suggestions will be appreciated and considered. TIA.


snicker said...

I was a sock in another life, the right one of a pair that a witch had on when a house fell on her.


brendan said...

Can I tell
You about
My sock drawer

... what about that old 70s fave from the Sweet, Socks On The Run?

Anonymous said...

I think Solemates is wrong for this one. I like Live And Let Dye. Give me a few days to come up with one of my own (just to make things really confusing).

Tim Horton said...

"everything you always wanted to know about socks but were afraid to ask"