Monday, July 17, 2006

Sixteen tons

9 bags of cheap topsoil
9 bags of premium topsoil from Ace Hardware
5 bags of Ohio hardwood mulch
4 mini-roses
2 carpet phlox
3 white daisies
3 white balloonflowers
3 pink Canterbury bells
2 self-watering garden edging strips
1 flat hose
Approximately sixteen tons of sweat equity.

End result?

A flowerbed just waiting for 16 white grape hyacinths and 30 pink and white daffodils, plus, if I can find bulbs next spring, white gladiolus. I'm also planning to edge around it with bricks, and create a round pathway of pea gravel and stepping stones. Meanwhile, the new flowerbed in the back needs at least two bags of limestone gravel to soak up the overflow from heavy rain, and this fall it will get its quota of 87 bulbs in varying shades of blue and white. I've also got 100 daff bulbs coming in the fall for naturalizing along the sides of the back yard, and just this minute, I thought, "I've got 233 bulbs on their way this fall--what the HECK have I done to myself?" Eep!

Amy and Josh were just here--Amy did the lawn today instead of Josh, and she ran over the hose leading to the flowerbed above. She insisted on buying me a replacement and bringing it over, so they did. Then I had to hook it up and demonstrate the self-watering, which Amy was sweet enough to at least pretend was as cool to her as it is to me. And I finally got off my butt and put up the tree face Mom gave me for Christmas, and Amy loved that, too. One of the many things I adore about Amy is her enthusiasm--it's infectious and adorable.

I'm going to regret my greed when I start getting bulb shipments, I think, but for now I'm glad I spent the money on something that might well cheer me up later on. It's like sending a present to a future me. The present me is off for a chilled bath!

To paraphrase Berke Breathed,

L. R. Jammies, signing off and heading for the tub!


Anonymous said...

You lift 9 bags of cheap topsoild and whaddya get?

another day dirtier and deeper in debt...

St Peter dontcha call me cause i cant go...

i owe my soul to the DIY place....

snicker said...

It needs to sit just a tad to the right.

You have some diggin' to do.

*runs for life*

Jammies said...

*throws dirt clods and rocks at Snicker*

Canuck Girl said...

Wow. I think your new flower bed is larger than my entire backyard...

Jammies said...

You've got a very small backyard, then, CG.

Results from a nifty little circle calculator I found:

Circle Area: 71.6197243913529 feet
Circle radius: 4.7746482927568605 feet
Circle diameter: 9.549296585513721 feet
Circle circumference: 30 feet

Anonymous said...

i still grow weeds really well...

Brant said...

Hey You,

I need to know where you got that self-watering garden edging and the brand name if you know it. I have been looking for it since I saw it on Gardening by the Yard on HGTV. If you could respond to I would appreciate that.


Brant said...

Hey You,

I need to know where you got that self-watering garden edging and the brand name if possible.

Please respond to