Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Glad I've got gladiolus!

Okay, that's really dreadfully punny. Too bad. This is an incredible year for my glads--I've spent all of $18 on bulbs, and netted a big armful for Mom, two big vasefuls for the office, and 4 big armfuls for inside my house. Twice now, I have seen a humming bird dipping into them, and despite the numbers I've clipped and brought in, I still have an amazing amount of blooms left. This bodes well for JammiesFest 2007, as at least I'll have one perfect flowerbed to show off.

1 comment:

deranged giant mutant beardog, friend of jammies said...

Glad im gonna come over and eat some of dem in between nachos, beer, and hotdogs (only with stadum mustard)