Monday, July 10, 2006

Ode to a Cucumber Sandwich

Please me not.
But on Sundays,
As I savor the last moments
Of the wild and savage weekend,
I tame it.

My good knife slices
Chewy, crusty ciabatta.
A blunter knife slathers
Cream cheese.
Dill and pepper
Fall like green and black snow.

Again, a sharp knife
To razor the cucumber
Into translucency.
And my weekend flees
As lunch
Is packed.


Sherri said...

now I'm hungry.

snicker said...


Martha Stewart said...

Did ya know that if you take the cucumber rinds and toss them outside they will keep ants away....

and elephants too

(except for green ones that like the music....)

Canuck Girl said...

I second Sherri's comment...and I just ate. It's funny, but we've been on a bit of cucumber sandwich at our house lately. Great minds think alike, eh?

Fred Fredburger said...

People who eat too many Cucumber Sandwhiches will Poot often....