Thursday, July 27, 2006

Beauty on the wing

So the deer chomp gladiolus, the bunnies eat the lamium, Rooter snarfles up apples and veggies and the squirrels raid the birdfeeders and scatter seed. Every now and then, I get a chance to see something that stops me dead in my tracks, makes ever nerve in my body sing with delight, and reminds me that THIS is why I garden.

This little beauty was hanging on in the wind, which is why the last two pictures are fuzzier than I like.

That just absolutely made my night!


Sherri said...

So pretty!

You really know how to color coordinate your butterflies ;)

fred da monarch flutterby said...

now dat i am around will you back off from da deers and groundhogs and udder aminals? we is all working together you know

snicker, budding poet said...

a butterfly did flutterby
then it landed on my eye
i blinked i shreiked
i hit my head
now that butterfly is dead.

no one said all poetry is beautiful.

fred da monarch flutterby said...

wot u gots against flutterbys anyhow? i likes laughin and snickers candybars....