Thursday, July 06, 2006

Nothin' to Say

Chris Isaak: Nothin' to Say

Days can be lonely
Night lets you down
Wonder and wander
There's no one around
Nothing to say now, nothing to do
I can feel my heart breaking
And it's all 'cause of you

Granted, the last two lines don't apply, because I haven't gone and gotten my heart broken recently. Still, I am mega-unamused by this interwebinet thingie right now. The AH is a yawn, nobody I am dying to chat with is on YIM or MSN, the 'paca only said hi and bye, and I'm boredish, so I'm blue.

Perhaps I shall, odd concept, go read something in print. Mom gave me about a year's worth of Vanity Fair, most of them so thick they make my wrist hurt after the first half hour of holding them. Hmmm. That does sound like a reasonable thing to do.


Snicker said...

I think that you are bored because you don't have a cat. Nothing takes away bordom like playing with the pussy. I will send you mine. Your life will be absolutely marvelous then. Honest.

Jammies said...

You are so not burdening me with your secondhand pussy.

You'd miss him even though he's psycho.

snicker said...

Not if I aimed carefully, but they tend to frown on gunplay in the burbs.