Sunday, July 16, 2006

JammiesFest 2006

I believe that this marked my longest-running birthday yet. It started two weeks ago, when my much-adored Snicker sent me a gift box full of Lushie things. Then last week, the FontSlut did the same--those arrived on Tuesday. On Wednesday, I got earrings from the bro & sis-in-law in Dallas, and on Friday, I awoke to see a birthday thread on the AH, which grew to three pages long! At work, there was the office lunch. We had pizza and Sun Chips and vegan chocolate cake, and I received a hosta, a wax melt thingie which is just beautiful, and a lovely arrangement of pink carnations and white mums in a pink-and-white-flowered oversized coffee cup. When I got home that night, a friend called and his six-year-old daughter sang "Happy Birthday" to me. *melt*

Today, I headed out to the ancestral homestead (aka the ancestral Colonial in the suburbs, but hey) for brunch with Mom, Dad, the nephews and the brother and sister-in-law from Ohio. I am having the BEST season for glads this year, and to say 'thank you for 16 hours of unmedicated labor 41 years ago,' I took Mom an entire armful of blazing magenta gladiolus. She was really pleased and surprised, but being Mom, she worried about whether I'd denuded my flowerbed (I hadn't). We had a wonderful meal of sausage/egg/Brie strata, Caesar salad, and for dessert, lemon pound cake with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries to pour on top. This is my favorite summer dessert, and Mom gave me all the berries and a slice of cake to take home. Then my brother & sister-in-law apologized profusely for not getting me a present. Gosh, guys, yes, while you're trying to sell one house, buy another and move two kids and a housefull of stuff, you should worry about my birthday. *rolleyes*

Mom and Dad already bought me grownup bookshelves as my present, but Mom had a few more for me. Theoretically, they were from both parents, but unless there's technology involved, it's from Mom. *grin* I got a beautiful plum-colored silk shirt, a crystal necklace and earring set, a bunny stepping stone for the garden, and a really silly pin that declares I am the "Compost Queen." This is not, btw, a title I want anyone using for me, got it? Anybody who calls me that is fair game for the froggies.

All of the above birthday festish stuff would have been enough, but I have been informed that there are yet more pressies on the way, from Mallie & ABG, and from S-Des. I don't deserve all of this love and thoughtfulness, but I am warmly grateful for every little bit of it!

*big mooshy huggy hearts*


snicker said...

*non-mushy-non-lesbian hugs*

You just seem to inspire people.

You need to teach me how some day.

Canuck Girl said...

Of course you deserve the love silly, you're Jammies. And even if you can be evil sometimes (ex. font links during exam time), we all love you regardless. For me it is a matter of you understanding the socks, fonts and baths. We are kindred spirits, O' Twin of my Sister.

I'm happy that your birthday was a good one.

Canuck Girl/Font Slut/Sock Girl/Gigi

Jammies said...

Ohhh, pfffft.

I'm just lucky as heck to have friends like you two and everyone else dear to my heart if not near to my home.

*group hug*

*runs away before Snicker smacks me*

Anonymous said...

i can't wait to jump into the mosh pit at JammiesFest 2007


Anonymous said...

And the 6 year-old was very happy to sing, it's her favorite thing (it made her dad smile too).


brendan said...

There you go, I missed all the fun and cake and pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey and everything. But I hope there will be many more JammiesFests in years to come. :-)

Jammies said...

Brendan, you are hereby invited to JammiesFest 2007. :-)