Saturday, March 01, 2008

Who needs booze?

Not me (I'm a cheap drunk anyway), especially when I can get the same effect by combining MS with a too-hot, too-long bath. Tonight I combined a Lush Amandopondo bubble bar with a Tisty-Tosty ballistic, and followed up with lemon sugar lotion. I smell like roses & lemons, which is much better than most drunks smell when they're at the stage where I am!

Plus, I get to cuddle down in my bed and smell yumminess until I pass out.

*happy sigh*


Sherri said...

With those ingredients in your bath cocktail,I wouldn't call you a CHEAP date ;)

How much alcoholic madness did we leave behind last year? I have to start saving quarters...

captain crossword said...

Whoa. Let's not underestimate quality alcoholic beverages. You'll put me out of a job.

Scott said...

These bath bombs, they fizz?

Canuck Girl said...

I miss beer some days, so I would answer your question with "I do!"

I agree with Sherri, you are not a cheap date. Since I share your addiction to bath products, I know exactly how not a cheap date you are. I could have bought a very nice bottle of wine (or 6 pack of good beer) for the same cost as what you put in your bath.

Jammies said...

Sherri, good point. But I'm still a cheap date as far as alcohol goes. ;-)

You left a ton of booze, all of which is still here except for the plum wine. I'm planning on adding champagne & creme de cassis for kir royales.

Little bro, if your job depended on my alcoholic consumption, you'd have been unemployed long ago. Fortunately, there are lots of people in the world who appreciate a quality, crafted brew.

Scott, they fizz, they smell, they moisturize--what's not to love?

MangoMama, you can buy another bottle of wine or six-pack for my bath tonight--Lavamber from Julphia. Yum!