Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wisdom of the Ages

The World According to Plaid and Flannel Jammies.

Dad: There's no such thing as stomach flu. There are just varying degrees of food poisoning.

Mom: Aspirin cures infections.

Dad: Lock your doors!

Mom: That dog needs more exercise and so do you.

Dad: The only Super Glue that doesn't dry up on you is Loctite.

Dad again: The "Close Door" buttons in elevators don't actually work. They are only operable when a fireman needs them.

And of course after thinking about this all weekend, I can't remember the rest of them, so I guess this post is "To Be Continued."

NB: When we were in Florida, Dad needed some Super Glue to fix his teeth. Sherri provided some and mentioned that Loctite glues are the only ones that close tightly enough. When I gave Dad the glue, he said, "I've been saying that for years!"


Sherri said...

He has the same pocket junk that my dad did, and he agrees with me on the glue. Coincidence? I think not! ;)

Jammies said...

Well, we knew we were related somehow! :-D

Scott said...

I was going to say something highly amusing about super glue and teeth, but I couldn't think of anything.

Also, my word verification thingy was "trikpu". It's almost a word.