Saturday, March 22, 2008

Goodbyes and hellos

Nothing world-shaking, but my experiment in soap-selling has come to an end. I gave myself a year to see if I could break even, and since I didn't, there is no more Cockamamie Soaps. I'll keep the molds and still make the occasional obscene soap for gifts, but selling them is not going to happen.

Another small goodbye is to the razor I've had since high school. Schick is no longer making blade cartridges for my beloved "Personal Touch" razor, so I've been looking around and experimenting. I have to roll my eyes a bit at razors with boobs on the handle, vibrating razors, razors which have solid lotion surrounding the blades, scented razors--what's next, the iRazor, which plays mp3s while you shave? I just want something that fits my hand comfortably and shaves my legs. Is that so much to ask?

I'm also not sure I'm going to be able to re-read The House that Jack Built by Robert Asprin and Linda Evans, since I just found out that Aleister Crowley, who is a minor character in the book, would have been thirteen at the time the book is set, and not the established occultist/Satanist/author/The Great Beast he later became. Unfortunately, somehow Asprin & Evans neglected to do a little bit of research, and knowing that is probably going to jar me out of the world of the book when I try to re-read it. That's a shame, because I loved the whole series, and I am saddened by the sloppy work on the part of the authors.

My first hello is to Don Foster's Author Unkown: On the Trail of Anonymous. I am absolutely loving this book. The subject matter (literary analysis) is fascinating and the author writes without academic pretension and condescension, which is pretty good for a professor.

I'm also saying hello to all of the paperwork spread across my kitchen table. I absolutely need to get my taxes done so I can pay all of these bills from my January hospital stay, oh joy.

And I'd like to say a welcome back to Scott, who's resumed blogging, and a please stick around to Becs, who was waffling about continuing to blog. I like both of your blogs too much to have either of you disappear, got it?


Scott said...

Someone's actually reading my blog?! Horrors!

rgraham666 said...

Pity about the business, sweetie. C'est la vie.

Oh yes. Taxes. Thanks for the reminder.

Happy Easter and all that.

Becs said...

My sympathies on the soap business. I gave up my pet sitting business when I went to Unknown Co. Really, I'd had about enough of it and gave the excuse that my schedule would be much too limited.

And sympathies on the razor. Now is the time to buy them all up on the Internet. Now! Before you know it, they'll be in the Vermont Country Catalog. Personally, I'm raiding the Wal-Marts for the brand of dental floss I prefer that seems to be discontinued.

the queen said...

The best thing ever written about razors: