Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nice to have a nice day at work

MegaBookMan reviewed the book I'm going to be building tomorrow, and said that there were things that needed fixed, but none of them were with the stuff I'd done, it was all older stuff from earlier editions. Then he entrusted me with his CD stuff, and I got that done. I also did the CDs for my book for this week, plus a Federal litigation book someone else is building.

The FTC had the nerve to release a new report after I'd converted the old one to TIFF files and uploaded it, so I had to re-do that part of a different book.

On my third in-progress book, I ran around in circles for a while, then asked Galahad for help on the step I was missing, and finally got the new material loaded to the server.

It was nice to have a productive day where I didn't feel stupid and overwhelmed. :)

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rgraham666 said...

Good for you, Jammies.

Nice to have days like that. :)