Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Bark, bark, woof, woof, WHINE!

Every night, Bigfoot does his best Lassie imitation, running from the bedroom to me and back again. All he really wants is for me to go to bed, but you'd think Timmy was down the well doing crack from the urgency in his manner.


And all this is so that I can get into my bed, have him jump up, walk across the bed/over me, and jump down onto his own bed.



zayrina said...

Well damnit woman, he can't go off guard duty till you settle in.

Sherri said...

In this house, it is the 6 pm med/feed that requires urgency. In fact,it's SO urgent that the Pooty begins his paws on the knee, pitiful face, sorrowful meowing at about 3. Each day he tries to convince me that he will, indeed, starve to DEATH before his 6 pm spoonful of canned food. The dry food in the open feeder is an ILLUSION.

He's also been trying to convince me that his 7:30 am med/feed is much, MUCH too late. He needs food at, oh, 4:30 am. I demonstrate that, really, cats CAN fly. My grasp of feline aerodynamics is amazing at that hour.

Scott said...

My sister knows someone with a big parrot that, if kept up past its bedtime, will begin shrieking, "NIGHT-NIGHT! NIGHT-NIGHT!"