Monday, March 31, 2008

Just so I remember someday

If I ever get my paws on a big wad of money, here's what I'd do for Casa de Jammies:

Have the property line delineated, then have a pro go through the western edge and clean out all the brush and other crap, then put up a fence.

Strip off the siding and have it replaced with brick.

Have an addition put on my bedroom, a big room that is half bathroom, half dressing room.

Have a deck built that wraps around the side and entire back of the house.

Have someone dig, mulch and border some new flower beds for me to play in.

One of these days, I should buy a lottery ticket. There are two problems with that plan. First, I took Probability in college, and it was the only math course in which I did well. I am all too aware of how poor the odds are for winning. Second, the lottery drawings in Ohio are too frequent. In order to sustain a chance to dream about all my ideas for a week, I'd need to buy 7 tickets. So I'll just cherish this thought when it comes to me for fifteen minutes at a time, and then let it go with a sigh.


Sherri said...

They draw twice a week in Florida for the big lottery. I buy you a Florida lottery ticket so you can dream for a few days...:D

Mike from Eerie who needs a Tim Horton's said...

No. You have it all wrong.

You will build a room onto your house - private bed, bath, etc. You will call this "Da Room for Mike From Eerie."

Den you invests in a Tim Horton's for your place of residence. You will call this "Da Tim Horton's for Mike From Eerie."

Den you does everyfing else.

Jammies said...

Just don't forget to tell me when you buy it, Sherri, and thanks!

Mike, I already have a room for you--it's also called "Sleeping Bag In The Backyard." :P