Sunday, March 09, 2008

March is MS Awareness Month in Ohio

And boy, am I aware!

After my snow day yesterday, I needed to do a ton of stuff around the house today. That included shovelling out the driveway. I got clean sheets on the bed, a load of dishes done, the laundry started and suited up and went outside.

After 45 minutes, ⅛ of the driveway was done and my left arm felt as if it was full of broken glass. Whether it's MS-related or the pinched nerve I've had for twenty years, it hurt.

I caved.

I came inside, got the phone book, and started calling plow companies. After about eight calls, I found one that was open today and taking new customers. Right now, there is a scary young man who looks like an extra from Deliverance, is chain-smoking and yelling to himself plowing my driveway.

Despite all the logical arguments, I feel defeated for not being able to shovel my own damn driveway, as if I should have started yesterday while it was still snowing, instead of goofing off all day. *sigh*


Mike from Eerie, who really hates winter said...

Trust me. You aren't the only one caving. My driveway isn't as big as yours, and I don't have MS (but I do have a chronic pinched nerve or two).

And right now feel like I should be going to the hospital.

Becs said...

I'll join the chorus. You didn't cave. You did the sane thing. I am soooo grateful that I have several enterprising neighbors with snowplows.

I hate reading all those stories in the paper the day after a storm "Joe Yablonski was 53 and died hours after shoveling his driveway." I am not going to be Josephine.

KLN said...

Hey, you took care of yourself and that's the key point.

Zayrina said...

Heh, well, I hate to point this out, but you are now entering middle age. Welcome, we have been waiting for you.

Santa and I together can't shovel the driveway. We hire. It's a great investment.


Howdy there,
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Anonymous said...

Use a flamethrower next time!

Love ya!