Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's been a bit more than a year

since I had my ovaries removed, and apparently I grew some stones in their place!

A friend had warned me that there was a chance that a check she'd written me would be returned NSF. It was for $10 and she's having a hard time right now, so no biggie and I just allowed for it when I balanced my checkbook.

Last night, as I was doing the telephone banking thing, I discovered that my credit union had taken $10 out of my savings account and charged me $30 for the NSF check.

This morning, I called the credit union, and was polite but persistent. The woman with whom I spoke kept saying that I'd have to ask my friend to cover the fee, as they charged it because it was took time and work to deal with a bounced check. She tried to tell me that they charge "significantly less" than national banking chains, to which I replied, "I had an account with Huntington until last December, and they charge $2 more--that is not a significant difference."

Finally, I said, "If you would like me to go back to a strictly cash economy and stop putting any money at all in your bank, I will do so." She then said she would speak with her manager and call me back. Twenty minutes later, the phone rang, and with much condescension about this being a one-time courtesy thing blah blah blah, they'd remove the charge.

Ha! I didn't know I had it in me. :)


Scott said...

Stick it to the man!

rgraham666 said...

Good for you, sweetie. :)