Monday, March 10, 2008

Act of Faith or Act of Idiocy--you decide

Okay, all ya'll have seen the pics. There's upwards of a foot of snow all over my yard. So what did I buy yesterday?

Two baby lilac trees, that's what. I can't decide if I was affirming that spring would come, reacting to cabin fever, or grieving for the little Korean lilac that might or might not have survived the high winds which uprooted it last fall.

Either way, there are two teeny-weeny little lilacs on my breezeway, waiting for the snow to melt so I can plant them.

Oh, and Bigfoot has decided he'd rather be inside than out.


Becs said...

It's faith. And good for you. I love lilacs.

And how can you think you caved during the worst snowstorm Ohio's had? You were smart.

herrad said...

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I love the idea of you getting two lilac trees when there was so much snow. Great stuff! Hope the trees do well.

Your dog is a beauty, we have two Jack Russell's who are sweethearts.

Keep warm.


Jammies said...

Becs, you really need to come visit Casa de Jammies some late May. I've got a whole line of grown lilacs down the eastern edge of my property and a line of baby lilacs along the western edge of my driveway. I even got one of the variegated "Sensation" lilacs.

Hi Herrad! Anyone who can keep up with one Jack Russell, let alone two, and call them "sweethearts" is pretty damn brave! Thanks for stopping by.