Saturday, April 07, 2007


My self-control has gotten weak and flabby from lack of exercise.

Last night, I placed a large order from Skindecent, because Marliss was doing an unbelievable giveaway (a scented sugar scrub with every $20 purchase!), and this morning, I bought flowers.

There's snow all over the ground, and yet I bought a bleeding heart for the way back yard, a pink butterfly bush for the pink & white bed in the front yard, and a really pathetic azalea with hot pink flowers that was marked down to 25 cents because of its neglected condition. That one is not a problem, because it's safely in a pot. The other two, however, are bare root plants, and now I will have to excavate a pot from the mess that is my garage, and put them in there with a bit of soil to keep them safe until I can get them in the ground.

Oh, and I spent $200 on bulbs & plants from Jung's and Spring Hill.

Starting tomorrow, I vow I will put my self-control on a strict exercise regimen.

Plus, I'm broke now. ;-)


rgraham666 said...

But you feel good. ;)

Sherri said...

The being broke part helps with the self control part. Also,the instantly throwing away all gardening catalogs before actually touching them helps.