Friday, April 27, 2007


On Tuesday, my order from Jung Seeds arrived. The gladiolus bulbs in blue & purple were planted in the back yard, along with the white butterfly bushes. The "Blue Light" clematis went in that flower bed, and the "Crystal Fountain" clematis was planted next to the house. I haven't decide where I'm going to put the "Josephine" clematis, but I will have it planted by Sunday, along with the "Blue Muffin" viburnum and the dwarf lilacs.

I was staggered by the size of the candy-striped phlox. For not much more than I have paid in the past, I got six giant plants. Each one of these beauties is easily the size of a dinner plate! Those went in the front circular bed. Sadly, while the pink campanula grew, many of my grape hyacinths and all three of my "Pam's Choice" foxglove failed to survive the winter. I filled in the bed along the street with white gladiolus, and being stubborn, will probably buy more grape hyacinths to plant next fall.

Since I have to pick the folks up at the airport tomorrow, I won't be planting until Sunday morning, at which time I have to take some pics of the white grape hyacinths and the bluebells.

These are some pictures from last year, and hopefully the garden will be even prettier this year!


Sherri said...

You oughta know, Da Boy LOVES to photograph flowers and plants, and he's very, very good at it.

Jammies said...

Does that mean I'm bad at it? :p

Sherri said...

No, Miss Sensitive. I mean he's ridiculously good at it, as in we have framed some of his photos and people think I slices them from a book or something. So he'll probably be crawling around your flower beds snapping photos and scaring the dogs.

Scott said...

Speaking of dogs, that one peaking out the door wants to come out and dig in the flower bed.

Jammies said...

Sherri, I knew what you meant, but it's fun to tease you when you're sick and cranky. ;)

Scott, that is Jiffy Pop Butt, and he always wants to be where I am. Needy lil thing.

Sherri said...

Jammies. I am INCREDIBLY cranky. You don't even want to know why, but it involves a lot of Kleenex.