Sunday, April 01, 2007

Just another manic Sunday

It's not a good sign when my first waking thought is, "Drat. I've got 23.5 hours left in my weekend." Still, today was a pretty good day. I got the scent list & shipping costs posted on the website, and I'm just waiting on Paypal for my shopping cart. I got my hair colored and the bathroom scrubbed out, and the laundry mostly done. I also started taking the hormone replacements, because waking up in the middle of the night with hot flashes was getting to me. When I expressed my concerns about the treatment of the horses used to make Premarin, my doc gave me a prescription for Cenesten, which he says is entirely lab-grown. The price isn't too bad, $52 for three months with no medical insurance.

The price on the medication was so reasonable that I treated myself to two hyacinths, a bag of white gladiolus bulb, two cyclamen and two trellises. Thank goodness for discount stores--all of that cost me $26.

Yesterday, I worked outside. I give myself bonus points for not killing my next-door neighbor, who came and stood over me to talk to me while I cleaned up the trash that fell out of his trash cans three weeks ago. Fortunately, I got away from him when I had cleaned up that corner of the yard and moved down the ditch. When the trash was cleaned up, I got the wheelbarrow and started playing pickupsticks. In the front yard alone, I picked up enough downed wood to fill a large lawn & leaf debris bag and part of another. Now I just have to remember to take the bag out to the curb Thursday night!

After the cleanup work, I strolled around the back yard, admiring spring. The yellow and white daffs are all up and open (the pink & white in the front yard are just starting to bud) and it looks as if my hydrangeas and hibiscus survived the winter. I'm not sure yet about the mock orange and the pussywillow, but I remain hopeful. The soft ground around the daffodils was imprinted with hoofprints, and I had a smug chuckle for frustrating the deer. The bluebells along the back of the house have leafed, and it looks as if they've multiplied. I can't believe I didn't even know they were there until last summer.

Because all the co-pays from my surgery are arriving thick and fast, I won't be buying a new water softener with my tax refund. However, there might be enough left over for a teeny bit of ordering from garden catalogs. This year, I have much more energy, thanks to the weight loss, and I'm really looking forward to a spring and summer spent working in the garden.

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