Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I would not have used that word, but I JUST GOT MY FIRST ORDER!!!

This is just so freaking exciting! Now I want to go make the soaps right now, even if it is 9:45 p.m. *giggle*

A friend smoothed out the html for the Paypal buttons, and when I offered her a Wet Willy, she said, "I'd love one. Will code for soap." *grin*

Tomorrow, I get to stay home from work and babysit the four year old nephew. I have Chicken Run on DVD, place cards to decorate for Easter dinner, and Easter cards to decorate for family. Plus, of course, there are the dogs to be petted and spoiled, so I think five hours should pass fairly easily. Yesterday, on the phone, Alabaster piped up with "I love you, Aunt Jammies," and my heart just melted.


Canuck Girl said...

Congrats Jammies!!!

Jay said...

*congrats hon*

btw, "the frog is in the bathtub"

Jammies said...

Thanks, guys.

Btw, Jay, that sounds like a code phrase whispered at midnight.

I understand the Pooty felt some lurve for the tubfrog.