Sunday, April 29, 2007

Various sorts of fun

Yesterday, I went to the airport to pick up Pantsless & BaggieWoman. When we got back to their house, Mom & I dropped Dad off for a nap, and headed out to Gabriel Brothers. They were having a sidewalk sale, so we loaded up on $1 and $2 t-shirts and such, then stashed the bags in the car and had dinner at Mariachi Coco. After dinner, we went back to Gabe's and hit the inside of the store. Among other things, Mom found a drop-dead gorgeous shrug in aqua & lavender silk, and I splurged on a sexy nightie, some more casual sleepwear, five pairs of shorts, seven pairs of pants, several pretty tops and more. Between us, we spent about $300, and oddly for us, only bought one present each.

Two notable events happened at Gabes. First, I looked at one nightie that would have fit last year, but now was much too large for me. Second, a not unattractive man started chatting me up in Housewares. *grin* Good for the ego, that.

After we'd ravaged Gabes, Mom loaded our bags into the car, and I stopped briefly at Big Lots for a plant stand, since the one I have my second-biggest geranium in lost a wheel and is propped up against two other plants. I really want to go back there, as they have a wicker-look resin sofa for only $80, but there was no way to fit it into the Passat. On the way home, Mom said to me how much fun she always has shopping with Aunt Turkey and with me. I agreed, and thought to myself how amazing it is that we got out of the period of estrangement we had twelve years ago, and how much stronger our relationship has gotten since.

This morning, I got out early and planted my new lilac trees & new viburnum. I also put down eighty pounds of topsoil in the new flowerbed, and dumped two plantersful of played-out potting soil into the flowerbed by the driveway. I still need to buy one more trellis so I can get my last clematis in, take pictures of the white grape hyacinths before they disappear, and start buying mulch.

Right now, I have grass stains on my ass, topsoil under my fingernails, mulch in my socks and am about as blissful as I can possibly be.


Jay said...

you are never so happy as when you have muddy paws :)

Jammies said...

Gee, is it obvious or something? *giggle*