Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Alessia Brio, writer and editor, was kind enough to include my story "Sock Love" in Coming Together Volume 2. The anthology was reviewed by Mrs. Giggles, and I am miffed. I didn't get nearly the amount of vitriol other authors got, and frankly, I feel slighted. I'm pretty proud of that story, and I'd like to think it deserves more than a dismissive comment about "shagging laundry." Hmpf. If you can't say something nice, Mrs. Giggles, then at least say something creative. *grin*

On the other hand, I've added a page of reviews to the Cockamamie Soaps website, and just re-reading those as I posted them made me feel warm and fuzzy. I've sold sixteen soaps so far, and made back about half of my startup costs. Although Mom mocked me for doing market research for a home-based small business, I'm proud of being businesslike and sensible about the whole thing. If I haven't at least broken even by the end of the year, I'll let the domain name expire and call it a learning experience. Until then, I'm having fun with my silly soaps.

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rgraham666 said...

Yay Jammies.

Congrats on being Giggled. You join a long and honourable roll of people panned by her.

And congrats on the business. Yay you!