Saturday, April 21, 2007


Yes, Appalled Kitty is relevant. I took my parents to the airport today so they can go visit the Mathgeek-Crossword family. Since I had to stop at the post office first, I allowed extra time, and got to the folks' house about 20 minutes early. I pulled into the driveway, parked, and as I was walking toward the house, the garage door went up. I figured either Mom or Dad had been watching for me. Turns out Dad was in the garage tanking up on nicotine for the coming flight, but I didn't notice the cigarette so much as I noticed the lack of pants.
Dad was impeccably groomed from the waist up, but not wearing any trousers. He explained that Mom was on the phone when he went to ask her which pants to wear, so he just came down to the garage for a smoke.
When I went in the house, Mom was off the phone, so Dad got pants and we started loading the car. While we were doing this, Mom showed me some of the contents of her purse. Her glasses case is a small plastic baggie, her cosmetics case a slightly larger baggie.
When did my parents turn into rednecks?


Obsidian Kitten said...


altho i am often in a *partial* state of undress when in need of a nicotine fix, i have as yet not appeared in the garage sans pants.

i did not wish to frighten the cat.

Jammies said...

You're also not a 67-year old man who just doesn't seem to care any more.

And that's a very cute cat you are not frightening. :-)