Tuesday, April 17, 2007


It's liable to be a few days before Mom knows if her professor friends at Virginia Tech are all okay. In the mean time, our idiot President makes remarks about supporting the right to bear arms, and posters on at least two message boards make remarks about how the students & faculty should have "done more" or "been more agressive" to stop the shooter.

I don't even know where to begin to address this, other than to say it's just plain wrong to blame the victims. A man in his seventies barricaded the door to his classroom with his body to protect his students and died in the attack, yet somehow, all of those academics just waking up and starting their days should have reacted like trained police officers, but without the Kevlar and guns.



rgraham666 said...

The couch quarterbacks are amazing, aren't they? So utterly certain about how things can be handled.

It almost makes me wish they had been there. And being able to watch them clean out their pants afterwards.

In a book I've got, written by a man who commanded Panzers in WWII, he noted that it was the loud and proud ones who always cracked in combat first.

Mike From Eerie said...

Someone actully said that? Migod how pathetic are people being?

If I had to deal with someone with a gun like that I can guarantee you I wouldn't have done anything but void my bowels.

And unless the people who wrote that were militarily trained, I can safely say they would have done the same thing.

And probably be alive to tell about it.