Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I can't WAIT until July!

When I got home from work, a big BOX from Jung Seed Co. was waiting for me. In it were six pink & white candy-striped phlox, ten white and three pink lilies-of-the-valley, three white butterfly bushes, twenty-four purple & blue gladiolus bulbs and three clematis. The potted plants have all had a good drench, and the bare-root plants are soaking. Tomorrow when I get home from work, I can go out and plant things!

ByJuly, but the glads will be up and hopefully flowering profusely, all the new plants should have taken root and some of them might bloom this year, last year's new plants will be in bloom, and the plants that were here when I bought the house should also be in bloom. I am looking forward both to enjoying the garden myself and showing it off to Sherri, Jay and Alessia when they come for JammiesFest.

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