Sunday, August 20, 2006

Satan's fuzzy little minions

July 17, 2004:

I've figured out where the rock came from last Sunday. Back when I tripped over the rock, I moved it into one of the flowerbeds to keep from tripping over it again. Last night, when I watered everything, it was out of the bed and in the grass...I was wondering how a six-inch rock could move itself, and then this morning I figured it out!

There's a squirrel conspiracy going on...those conniving furballs think that if they kill me, they'll have unrestricted access to the birdfeeder! My awareness came this morning, as I was sitting here waiting for one of the tree-rats to get within water pistol range...She kept staring straight at me, clearly wondering why I was still alive after the assassin squirrels moved the rock so I'd trip over it! I just waited, and when she was actually on the birdfeeder, squirted her with the water pistol. The best thing was that when she leapt off, she landed smack in the birdbath!

Ha! Teach those rats-with-fluffy-tails to mess with me!

In the last two years, I haven't changed my opinion about squirrels. I still think they're rats with better costumes, working for Satan. They climb my trellis, with their claws shredding the morning glory leaves, commit ninja attacks on my birdfeeders and dig up and eat flower bulbs. Rotten little things.


On the other hand, I feel dreadfully sorry for the extremely thin black kitty I've seen the past two mornings. I've known since I worked there that TimberTop had some feral cats around, mostly due to the kind of idiot who gets a cat and then dumps it when moving, but I never imagined one of them would make it up here, a mile away. Then again, maybe it didn't, maybe it was dumped in one of the nearby neighborhoods. It's all black, with yellow eyes, and stopped this morning to listen to me talk to it, until Littlefoot went all psycho inside the house and it backed off.

I know perfectly well what happens when you feed a stray cat. Bubba happens. Still, I'm probably going to get some cheap cat food and put it out, because I'm a complete softy. I know it's going to wind up feeding more than the little black kitty--I'll probably attract raccoons and, ew, squirrels.

Still need to do it, though.

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