Sunday, August 27, 2006


Today didn't start out all that well. I woke up with fierce gas pains and was feeling very sorry for myself. That is, until I checked my e-mail and found three feedback comments from Literotica. Seeing that my non-erotic essay had posted, I went to my submissions page to look. What I saw led to a stunned gasp and then bubbly laughter.

The story got an "E," which stands for Editor's Choice. I never thought I'd get one.

Oddly enough, the story's got a relatively low rating, but all of the private feedbacks were from males, all relating similar stories about cats. Perhaps they didn't care to ruin a perceived image with public comments?

It's ironic that I decided to brush up this piece and post it--it's an old one, but it's applicable right now because I keep feeding the lilbittyblackkitty. It's also ironic that it's one of only two serious pieces that I've posted on Lit, and it's definitely sad, with an unhappy ending. I guess you can make people laugh and not impress the editors, but make your readers cry and you get an award...


Sherri said...

Congrats, dear! You are most deserving :)

But you'd better be careful, as you might be indulging in...revision! Mwahahhahah!

Canuck Girl said...

*Waves hello from Italy*

Just wanted to cheer you up some more. Congratz to you.

Alexander Wollcott said...

You only gots an E? Aren't you good enuff for da udder 25 or so letters?