Sunday, August 20, 2006

I know you lied.

And I've decided not to confront you. I don't like confrontations, and I don't wish to give you enough standing to do something I dislike with you. I'm going to say here that I think you are a mean, cowardly little sneak, and be done with it.

Oh, I'm also just petty enough to say that although the cardiologist told me there's just the normal 2% chance of my heart failing during surgery, if something does happen to me, you'll get an e-mail from Snicker, along with a copy of the proof that you lied, and, if she does as I ask, a one line message.

"She died knowing you had lied to her."

Have a nice life.

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President of da Jammies Appreciation Society said...

Makes mental note:

treat Jammies nice...