Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Not for the faint of heart

Delicate flowers, this is your fair warning to back-click before you join me in Nausea Central.

Today is bowel prep day, oh joy. The anesthesia for surgery looks damn good at this point. The laxative prescribed for me is Colyte, which tastes as if it's pure salt water. I've managed to get about half of it down, at the price of being incredibly nauseous. The doc's office called in a prescription for Phenergan, and Mom went and picked it up for me, so now I'm waiting for it to kick in, sipping plain water because I feel dehydrated, and praying that I don't barf again. I just know this stuff has messed up my electrolytes (shut up Snicker :p ) because I'm alternating between chills and fever and I think my heart's fluttering.

At least I sorted out the mess with the insurance company this morning, while I still had some feisty. Of course, my copaxone won't arrive until after I'm in the hospital, but I trust Amy to remember it, unpack it, and refrigerate the damn stuff.

Right now, I'm thinking about a hot bath with something soothing in terms of bubble bath, but I can't decide which scent will make me least likely to projectile vomit over the side of the tub.


snicker said...

*frowning arms crossed, stern looking*

You have not depleted your electrolytes, so stop that. You are likely having anxiety related to surgery.

Stop sipping water, it makes nausea worse.

I hope you have a towel under your butt while posting, colyte causes leaks.

*mental note, don't sit in the computer chair when visiting*

yer friend da chickn, who you lurves said...

if you was altering between chills and fever and your heart was fluttering - was u finkin of me?

mike & da creatures from eerie, pa said...

Ok so where is the update?

I know she is going to be ok, but i need to know that she is ok...

Does that make sense?

mike & da creatures from eerie, pa said...

Thank you "Auntie Amy" and thank you too Jammies for the phone calls....