Thursday, August 24, 2006


Must be PMS--I'm restless, bored, emotional and cranky. Lit is boring me because my new stories haven't been posted; chat irritated me because people keep using improper grammar; I'm tired of games and I couldn't make my bath last longer than thirty minutes.

There are a lot of productive things I could be doing. I'm planning to clean the house extremely thoroughly this weekend, just in case. I know there's only a minimal chance of something going wrong with the surgery, but if something does go wrong, my family shouldn't have to clean. It's okay to deal with STUFF, of which I have lots, but filth is a different matter.

Maybe I'll just call it a night, let sleeping grumpypusses lie.


The Booty Llama said...

If you want, you can punch me in the jaw. :-)

Jammies said...

I'd rather pinch you than punch you.

May I?