Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Leo Ladies

Well, I screwed the pooch.

Fucked up.

Made a grievous error.

Blew it.

Not only did I forget Amy's birthday (August 14th), but I forgot Snicker's as well (August 15th). I already had Amy's present, it's in the guest room, and thankfully, Snick said she wanted a gift certificate this year, so the minute she said something I knew why there was too much money in my checking account and I could go fix that. Still, it doesn't excuse me forgetting about both birthdays.

Let me just add that it's worse than just forgetting. In Snick's case, I had called her to whimper about a minor injury done to my pride, waking her up at 7ish on her birthday to forget in her face. Let's see if I can possibly be a little MORE insensitive next year, shall we?

Hey, why wait a year--why don't I just make things harder on the other Leo lady in my circle of close friends. That's right, I called Amy, tried to make light of the fact that I forgot her birthday, and found out that she had to put her dog down yesterday, and if I had called her on time, I maybe could have been there with her and for her instead of trying to convey a hug over the phone. :(

Both Snicker and Amy have been better to me than I deserved, and I'm going to make a New Year's resolution right now to be a better friend.

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