Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Home, sweet home

The weekend at the lake was lovely. The kids are all adorable little Visigoths, raiding and rampaging (except the baby, and she'll be one next year, I'm sure). I had a chance to tell everybody about the surgery, which is now scheduled for August 30th. Middle little brother told me he's hiring a payroll service, which means I won't have to do his payroll taxes any more, perfectly timed for me being gone for the surgery.

Best quote of the weekend: six-year old Chip announcing to me, "Actually, Auntie Jammies, I'm not much of a morning person."

Cutest moment of the weekend: Princess Niece playing 'Cinderella Goes To The Ball' with four Matchbox cars and a big plastic pickup truck.'

Worst thing about the weekend: my aunt's Calvinist mattress, which feels as if someone put a mattress pad over a foam block, and from which I am still aching.

Saturday & Sunday with the family went too fast. I did get two golf cart rides, a chance to see Dip & Princess Niece holding hands when we went to get the donuts, and my cousin came down from Defiance for a visit Sunday afternoon and stayed for dinner. It was great to see everyone.

Monday started at 3 a.m. with some lovely vomiting & diarrhea, which I blamed on injudicious food intake over the weekend. Then I had to drive home, pick up my pre-surgical diet and answer needy client phone calls, by which time I had a nice low blood sugar/no caffeine headache going on. Around 4 Tuesday morning, that headache had turned into a migraine, so I got up, forced down some ibuprofen and got my lavender, chamomile & rosemary rice bag out of the freezer and slept until six, when I found out my period had started. From that point of view, I'm glad I didn't stay at the lake, and sort of amazed I hadn't been more sensitive due to PMS.

Amy picked me up at 6:30 for my endoscopy, and whatever drugs they gave me got rid of the migraine and made Amy tell me repeatedly that I was funny. We stopped at work to pick up the mail, since I wasn't allowed to go back to work, and Amy walked me in so I wouldn't run into walls. *blush* I hope I didn't make too big an idiot of myself in front of Susan & Marcia.

Lots more cramps today, oh joy, but at least I can go into work and huddle in my big giant chair with a Thermacare patch on my tummy.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time, Jammies.

Your tale bought a smile to my face.


Jay Jacobs said...

I'm just glad you got home safe

tim horton said...

didja at least stop and have an iced cappucino somewhere?