Monday, August 28, 2006

*angry screaming*

Stupid insurance company. Last year, when they abruptly decided not to pay for my copaxone any more, I got a one-year reprieve by being a squeaky wheel. Apparently, though, their definition of "one year" is actually seven months. Today was the last day the pharmacy could ship my meds so that I got them before my surgery. Just to put the icing on the cake, the idiots at the pharmacy called me at home instead of at work, and left the message here where I can't do anything about it until tomorrow.

A little blast from the past, because it still applies:

To my health insurance company, for all the times you've screwed me, sans sweet talk, sans foreplay, sans lube and sans reacharound:

Just so you know, I'm going to enter your building armed with some fancy gun which shoots lots and lots and lots of bullets very fast. I am going to tell everyone but you to vacate the building, then I am going to make you walk through it, leaving nice little lumps of C4 everywhere. Then I am going to shoot the hell out of every computer, fax machine, printer, and even *gasp* the coffee and vending machines. After that, you and I will walk out of the building and detonate the C4.

As the police take me away, I will laugh maniacally at the thought of your insurance company dropping your coverage after they pay off your claim.


mike from Eerie, PA, friend of Jammies said...

I'm gonna be serious - its a half hour before i have to get ready for work and you aren't online.

I'm the guy from "Eerie, PA" who creates all the strange names and who some here felt was a troll. Truth is Jammies is a dear dear friend of mine who i don't think realizes how important she has been in my life (i'm a divorced guy who really hates weddings and the only time she and i met was when she invited me to a wedding where she was the only person i would have remotely known). She helped me thru a really rough period in my life and i really wish i lived closer to her to be there for her right now.

And i know she is going to be ok, and the next time i see her she is going to be a whole new person, healthier and happier, and still the idea of there being a 2 % chance she might not make it scares me.

And this is where i have grown to hate the internet because i won't know until Snicker (& Snicker please accept my apologies for calling you Milky Way - its just my lame attempt at humor) posts that everything is ok.

Until then i'm going to be praying and worrying, and scouting around for a copy of "Chicken Run" to rent.

Jammies said...



I'm fine and I'll continue to stay that way.

mike from eerie, pa - friend of jammies said...

You had damn well better be - if i see you laying down with a peaceful smile on your face its going to be because of one thing and one thing only :)