Tuesday, August 22, 2006


I had my psych eval today. I know I did well on the interview portion--I've done my homework, and I know what to expect both short-term and long-term. I think the doc was pretty impressed.

The part I worry about was the written questions, especially one of the True/False ones.

I have never taken advantage of another person. True False

Well, CRUMBBUNNIES. How do I answer this one? I've tried not to take advantage of others, but there are people out there who probably feel differently about me. An ex-boyfriend or three, my parents from time to time, possibly a co-worker from the past, even Amy sometimes because she gives and gives and gives and is often difficult to give back to (as in she won't let me, lol). *sigh* I opted for honesty and circled "False." Doing something inadvertently doesn't excuse you from doing it, and all I can do is try not to do it again.

There were way too many of these black & white questions, and on all of them, I erred on the side of honesty and maybe a little bit being hard on myself. But if I don't, who else is going to?


Dr Hugo Z Hackenbush said...

if it were me i would have circled true - taking advantage of someone implies forethought if not malicious intent, and i know you can be machavellian (its my word of the week) in nature sometimes, but i don't think you would take advatage of soemone without someone taking advantage of you first....

Bookworm Mathgeek said...

Opting for honesty was the correct choice, I think. I've reviewed way too many of these psych evals when interviewing potential job candidates, and they always throw in a few questions designed to gauge how honest a person is with him/herself. Or to identify if the person is willing to knowingly lie to impress other people.

For instance, one that is on a lot of those is "I have never lied to a boss or co-worker." The honest person will always say false. Because who hasn't had tell a co-worker that their new haircut is cute and edgy when it really looks like hot buttered ass? Or assured a boss that a being given a particularly dreadful assignment is "no problem at all" when it really will be a giant headache?

My gut instinct is that this is one of those. Because taking advantage of another person covers a broad spectrum of naughtiness. Borrowing a postage stamp from a co-worker and honestly forgetting to pay them back them is technically taking advantage of another person, but is pretty low on the naughtiness scale.

And everyone has many of those types of advantages lurking in the past.

So, the psych eval people probably know that you're not afraid to be honest with yourself, even if it might make you look bad. That's nothing to worry about, I don't think.

Jammies said...

"Hot buttered ass" is my new phrase of the day. :-D

Thanks, both of you.


bookworm mathgeek said...

I only wish that I could take credit for hot buttered ass. I stole it from Potes, who does the America's Next Top Model recaps for Television Without Pity.

I just found the phrase to be unfortunately appropriate for so many things that I adopted it into my vocabulary.

Jammies said...

You never told me you were a TWoP fan!

I'm laughing that we've never discussed this stuff when we're actually sitting in the same room, but we can find out about it online.

Weird old world.

bookworm mathgeek said...

Hee! I kind of can't believe it, either. I feel like I should totally know which shows you follow, but I have no idea.

TWoP is one of the few sites that I visit every day. I got hooked during the MightyBigTV days, mostly due to Buffy. Now, it's not unusual for me to start watching a show because of reading great recaps; that's what happened with ANTM, and more recently, Project Runway.

Jammies said...

*blushes, lowers voice*

I've never even seen Lost, but I read two seasons' worth of recaps.

Basil F Zackerly said...

ya know, you could always tape it :)