Sunday, October 01, 2006

Getting my paws muddy

Yesterday morning was exhausting, but will definitely be worth it in the spring. Of the 233 bulbs I ordered last spring when I got my tax refund, 100 arrived the day I came home from surgery, and have been residing in my refrigerator. Last weekend, I planted sixty-odd bulbs from The Works from White Flower Farm, and yesterday I got out and planted the rest. It helped to have my new bulb planter this week, and it helped that the ground was softish from all the rain we've been having. I even wore my new yellow poncho over my sweats, and I'm fairly sure I looked like a giant demented duck.

*note to self* Do not run muddy paws through head-fur while gardening, no matter how much said fur is getting in your eyes!

Next weekend is reserved for weeding and mulching. I need to get out there and empty the trailer which is full of mulch, wash it out and put it away for the winter. By the weekend of the thirteenth, I should have the rest of my bulbs from Breck's, including the Blue Magic Garden, which is going in the back yard and the Pink Daffodil Collection and the White Magic Muscari, both of which are going in the new round bed in the front yard. Next fall, I definitely want to get an estimate for brush-hogging out the wilderness that is the west-side strip of my property. The kid next door isn't much interested in landscaping, so whether that strip is entirely on my property or only partially, I don't think he'll care when I ask him if I can clean it up. It will have to be a landscaping company, though, as there are both daffodils and bluebells planted in there, and I don't want to lose those, just the weeds, weed trees and dead wood. I'd also like to keep the blackberries in the wayback for the deer, the birds and me. Unfortunately, there's some big-leafed weed with burrs that's spread in the last two years, so I definitely need a pro to help out.

Today's chores are entirely indoor. I need to climb Mount Laundry and reduce it to nothing, and since Literotica's Halloween contest has started, I need to get a jump on reading stories and check obsessively to see if mine has been posted yet. I'm pretty damn impressed with "Night of the Darned" and for once, I even came up with a decent tagline (Some socks are going to dye). I was going to go to the grocery store, but I did a quick inventory, and I've got everything I need, and since I only lost two pounds last week, I decided I'm better off not being tempted to buy things I don't need because I'm discouraged about where I am weight-wise. I'll just run up and down the stairs doing laundry instead! :-D


Sherri said...

*sigh* "Only two pounds" she says.

The garden sounds lovely :) Don't kill yourself on the stairs tho!

KLN said...

Two pounds is awesome, and more than enough for safe losses. IGNORE Biggest Loser, please!

And thanks for the reminder, I need to re-plant bulbs this year. Isn't WFF wonderful!

Jammies said...

I should probably e-mail you and tell you why I should be losing more than 2 pounds/week.

WFF is amazing, as are Spring Hill and Breck's. Have you actually been there? If so, do tell me about it and make me green with envy! ;)