Thursday, October 19, 2006

And now for something completely awful

When I woke up this morning, I couldn't find Littlefoot. He wasn't on my bed or on the rug beside the bed where he usually is. I looked in the guest bedroom, which is his third choice of sleeping area, but he wasn't there either. I gave up and headed to the breezeway to let Bigfoot out, and that's when I discovered that I'd left Littlefoot out on the chain all night long. He was thrilled to come in and eat breakfast, of course, and went willingly back out when it was time to feed Bigfoot. He's so sweet about everything that it just heaps coals of fire on my head. It doesn't help that I think Bigfoot tried to tell me that Littlefoot was still outside last night--he was whining and didn't want to settle down at all.

About four or five years ago, there was a story on the news about a woman who got tired of calling her dog to come inside and she went to bed. In the morning, she found the dog huddled against her back door, frozen to death. I had nightmares for months. And now I've done that, and it was sheer luck it wasn't freezing last night. I'm terrified it was a lapse due to the MS and that it will happen again on one of our sub-freezing Ohio nights, and I will be responsible for the death of my little JiffyPopButt.

Yes, I gave him extra cuddles all day, and even let him breathe stinky dog breath in my face.

And just to complete my day as the world's worst dog owner, I trimmed toenails just now, and clipped the quick on one of Bigfoot's nails. He bled all over the kitchen floor before I got some flour on the bleeding and a sock on his paw. He's six feet from me, looking at the sock and then me, and sulking. Nobody sulks like this dog--he deserves an Oscar.


KLN said...

If you're worried about forgetting important stuff like that, how about a list somewhere you'll see, that can help you remember.

Glad everyone is ok though :-)

Mike an aminal lover from Eerie, PA said...

you gotta stop kickin yerself overthat - he has forgotten what happened, and you won't let it happen again