Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I should not be allowed in Home Depot without a chaperone.

Sunday evening, I ran out to pick up a few items. I stopped at two craft stores and got some things I needed, then went to Home Depot. I wasn't expecting to spend more than $10, as all I needed was one bag of sand and two bags of limestone gravel.

Unfortunately, they had perennials on sale, so I got three lambs' ears, two lavender plants and a foxglove. I looked at a pussy willow, but put it back because it was $25. When I got to the register, there was a sign saying "33% off all trees, shrubs and bushes," so I went back and got the pussy willow, which wound up being $17.

I planted the pussy willow tonight, and now I have three lambs' ears, two lavender plants, a foxglove and one hundred and thirty three bulbs to plant before we get a really hard frost.

I definitely should not be allowed unchaperoned in Home Depot. *blush*


Alessia Brio said...

When I was little, I had to go to the emergency room to have a pussy willow bud removed from my nose.

Jammies said...


I don't know that 24 really counts as "little," dear. :-p

Anonymous said...

There is just something cool about saying pussy willow.
I know what my word(s) of the da..err wee..er mont..errr year will be