Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Embracing my inner whatever

Over the weekend, it was my inner drama queen, as I dealt with episodes of dizziness and was just positive it was the MS returning. Then I found out I've got an ear infection. *blush*

Earlier today, I embraced my inner cheapskate, as I whined about $210 worth of dog shots. Yes, it was time for the Annual Torturing of the Hounds. Dr. Bob said Bigfoot was a complete gentleman from start to finish, and Littlefoot behaved himself until it was time for the blood draw to test for heartworm, Lymes disease and erlichiosis. He decided Dr. Bob was going to use the needle to amputate his foot and he wasn't going to let it happen. Apparently, even though he was muzzled (at my insistence, the staff at the vet hospital have blanket permission to muzzle either of my dogs--they're too big to take chances with), he howled, thrashed, snarled and heaved his body all over the exam room. Brat.

Of my two former co-workers with MS-like symptoms, one apparently had some abnormalities in her spinal MRI and the other has no lesions whatsoever but disturbing symptoms. Both have follow-up appointments at the Cleveland Clinic, and hopefully will get some answers. I've had nothing but stellar care at the Mellen Center there (especially with Nurse Tardy retired *grin*). I wish them all the best and the amazing luck I have had.

Right now, I am embracing my inner raisin, after a long soak in the tub. It was, of course, a Lush bath, specifically one-fourth of a Blue Skies bubble bar. This one is pretty old--the nice blue color has faded, and there weren't many bubbles, but it still smelled great, and now so do I. And uh-oh, Lush has all kinds of new stuff out...good thing I don't have real credit cards, or I'd be embracing my inner bankrupt in about 20 minutes!


Sherri said...

You are like a Tardis inside, aren't you? Rooms for everyone! :)

Bookworm Mathgeek said...

I feel so clueless. I finally followed one of your links over to the Lush website. I don't know why I didn't make the connection, but this is the same Lush store that is at the local mall.


I'm like the classic absent-minded professor, but without the professor part. For some reason, I thought that your Lush was some sort of online-only store, and different from the Brick & Mortar Lush, but that makes no sense.

I usually just dash by the Lush store on my way to something else, but next time, I'll make the effort to go in and browse. I can see the money flying out of my wallet already.

Jammies said...

I didn't know there was a Lush store in Dallas, or I'd have moved in there when I visited you guys.

And lower state sales taxes and no shipping...I need to get Mom to buy me another plane ticket. *grin*

Oh, and Sherri, I prefer to think of insides as more of a mental health facility than a Tardis. ;-)

this is the doctor, who is writing this said...

you guys know what a Tardis is? :)

Jay Jacobs said...

my, so many inner reflections... how did you manage to install so many mirrors?