Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Slow news day

Well, for me, not for Fox News (which, btw, keeps identifying Mark Foley as a Democrat instead of a Republican).

So, in the grand tradition of Scott and Brendan, here are some of the ways people find my blog:

canine ear exterior swelling fluid

Ugh. Your dog has a hematoma. Take him or her to the vet and have it lanced. Poor dog and poor you.

Canei Wine.

Ick. Eww. If you're willing to drink this stuff, you're too damn young to drink. Turn off the computer and go get your Mommy to fix you some hot chocolate.

Literotica author Colleen Thomas.

I'm sorry. Colleen died on May 26, 2006. There is more information in a thread on the Literotica message board where she posted.

Literotica Kitty Foreman.

Ick. Eww. If you are looking for celebrity porn involving Kitty Foreman, get away from me, that's all I have to say. Ewwwww!

Kellbran caramel popcorn.

Sorry, they don't have a website, I've looked. But you can buy it at Quaker Square in Akron.

Why Heparin bruises.

Because it thins your blood, and then your blood oozes out under your skin. I think. I'm not a nurse. :p

Mixing Darvocet and Phenergan.

My surgeon didn't have a problem with it. Maybe you should ask an actual doctor instead of looking for medical information in random blogs?

That's all for now--I'm off for an exciting dinner of Lean Cuisine fettucine alfredo.


bookworm mathgeek said...

I don't know what is more surprising to me... that Fox News is incorrectly reporting Mark Foley's party affiliation, or the fact that you watched Fox News today.

Jammies said...

lol...I'll defend myself and say I didn't, I saw a still from Fox posted on a message board!