Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Day at the Fair

Stan Hywet's Ohio Mart, to be precise. Aside from a few panicked moments at the beginning of the day when Mom couldn't find the credit card she'd given me to use at OfficeMax (I had put it in a safe place, oops), it was a wonderful day. We got to Stan Hywet bright and early, and chatted while we waited in line to get in. The weather was absolutely perfect, sunny and slightly cool. When they opened up, we went past all the junk food, and Mom headed straight for the bathroom (ahh, the joys of that third cup of coffee). There were three tents of booths, and at the very first one, Mom found Christmas presents for herself and all three of us. I did learn my lesson from the Savannah journal, and so I won't say any more and spoil a surprise for Bookworm Mathgeek. I did get her Christmas present from me, too, though. *grin*

I snagged some small gifts for Amy and Mallie, all of Mom's Christmas presents, and a Steelers piggybank and suncatcher for Marcia (who I like even if she is peculiar enough to root for the Steelers). Susan's done, Princess Bookworm is done, I have a great idea for Dad, another great idea for Chip, and Mallie and Jay are done. I have no idea what I'm getting either of my brothers (suggestions welcome). I've got one teeny present for sister-in-law Annabel, but I need more. Baby Mathgeek will be pretty easy--one year old is too young to say, "Awww, bummer, clothes!" Dip is difficult because I don't know exactly what kind of toys he's into right now. I foresee a long talk with his mom in the future (when she has some time to talk on the phone, which may wind up being AFTER Christmas, lol).

Mom and I spent 4 hours at Ohio Mart rather than the two we'd intended, and we both agreed that it was time well spent. Mom even thanked me for nagging her into going. :-D

Next year, we'll probably plan for a whole day, and I will for sure bring my tote bag instead of a teeny little purse!


Bookworm Mathgeek said...

You made the comment earlier in your blog that you don't want to have to censor yourself in any way, and I never want to get in the way of that. So, feel free to place a *Bookworm Mathgeek Spoiler Alert* if you ever want to post something that I shouldn't read. I'll skip it, I promise.

I can't give any suggestions on other Christmas presents; I have no ideas, either, and everything that I have inquired about has been shot down. I'll let you know if anything surfaces.

Jammies said...

Sometimes, a little self-control is a good thing. I adore you for offering to avoid spoilers, but it won't hurt me to be a good girl and not blurt out Christmas presents. *grin*

Mom & I even ventured into the beer tent to see if they had pint glasses from the Thirsty Dog Brewing Company, but they just wanted to sell us a plastic cup full of Ol' Leg-Humper.