Sunday, October 15, 2006

Sunday Stats

Random stats from a random day.

Ounces of water consumed: 32 (yes, I know, I know)

Pounds lost this week: 1 :(

Bulbs planted: 45 allium, 16 white muscari, 30 daffodils

Bulbs left to plant: 15 Spring Starflowers, 20 Lavender Mountain Lilies, 15 Cool Shades Dutch Irises, 12 Azure Alliums and 25 Blue Grape Hyacinths.

Plants safely in the ground: 1 foxglove

Plants still to be planted: 1 hosta, 2 lavender, 3 lambs' ears.

Flower beds mowed & sprayed with Round-Up: 6.

Friendly-fire casualties of said Round-Up: 1 creeping phlox, 1 heirloom white lamium. :(

Chipmunks seen and conversed with: 2

Houseplants brought in: 12 (including a Norfolk pine which reaches my breastbone and has about fifty pounds of soil in the pot).

Houseplants still in garage & needing to be brought in: 5 (4 giant moose-like geraniums that are older than my nephews and one giant spider plant, even older).

Story rankings for "Night of the Darned": #1 on Literotica's Top List of Humor & Satire stories, #13 on Literotica's Top List of all stories.

Showers taken: 1 (including all the weekly girly stuff like exfoliating, deep-conditioning and hair removal).

Cuts sustained while shaving: 2 (one of which wouldn't stop bleeding for ages, ew).

Files backed up: 75.

Floors swept or vacuumed: 4

Friends flirted with: Lots. :D

A Sunday that is probably of interest only to me, but I had fun!


Jay Jacobs said...

wait a minute, I didn't get flirted with!!!

Jammies said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yes you did. Check out the avatars thread, BarbarianBoy. ;)