Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A rare serious moment

On the drive home today, I was listening to the radio and snobserving the Stepford wife in the SUV behind me. People who pull and stroke one lock of hair make me a little nervous, especially when they're behind my little four-banger with a two-ton behemoth. My attention was drawn to the radio when an awful political ad came on.

It seems that something called "America's PAC" thinks that by dragging up Margaret Sanger's involvement with eugenics at the turn of the last century, they can claim the Democrats are trying to euthanize African-Americans. I sincerely hope that the rest of my fellow Buckeyes can see this for the desperate move of our very corrupt Republican incumbents, and resist the smear tactics.

Oh, and it's very interesting that the website of the group sponsoring this disgusting ad has been "having technical issues" for the last three days, just since the ad started airing. Slimeballs.

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