Monday, September 25, 2006

Not Thunder

I caught lilbittyblackkitty tonight in the humane trap and called the other Pamela. Any worries I'd had about psychos looking to collect black kitties for Halloween ended when she sat down in the driveway in front of the trap for 20 minutes and talked to the kitty to reassure him. Her husband came over from work, and we locked the dogs in the house and took the trap into the breezeway. We let the kitty out, and he ran all over, trying to find a way out. After a few minutes, when he'd wedged himself onto the plant stand next to the window, he let Tim pet him and eventually pick him up. That was when we saw the white blaze on his tummy, which meant that he wasn't Thunder. However, he relaxed in Pamela's arms, and clung to her shirt with his front paws. After a few words and a lot of looks, the way you get with married couples, Tim told me they were adopting this little sweetie pie, even if it wasn't Thunder. They left, having promised to keep me posted via e-mail, and I went out to the garage, and picked up the empty plate.

I am going to miss talking to lilbittyblackkitty. *sigh*


snicker said...


Now I will packaage up this grouchy, ungrateful feline and send him over to you.

Jammies said...

If you do, I'll send JiffyPopButt by return mail.

Snicker said...

You won't because you love JiffyPopButt, and you have to have him as a companion to your neurotic malamute. So neener.

Sherri said...

You get extra gold stars for uniting a kitty with a kitty lover. And you're so cute, too.

Jammies said...

I can spare him for long enough to shed all over your house, eat your underwear and corrupt the Tessadog, which I will do if you send me the crazy grouchkitty. :-p

Jammies said...

Thank you (but I'm not sure why I'm cute).

Welcome home!