Thursday, September 07, 2006

Otters! Inna box!

I got up at 6:30 today, something I've gotten un-used to in the last week. I had a doctor's appointment at 8:45, and I was a bit worried because I'm still in a fair amount of pain. Apparently, though, something as simple as the teeny bit of weeding I did Tuesday night can increase pain by stressing the stomach muscles. I got a 'script for more Darvocet, permission to begin a full liquid diet (yay! Yogurt and tomato soup!) and found out I've lost seventeen pounds so far. The doc also said if someone else drives, I can go in for half-days next Thursday and Friday. He figures otherwise Monday the 18th will be too stressful for me to handle. You can bet the boss is excited about that! *grin* Me too, in terms of getting my normal life back.

On the way home, I stopped at the warehouse store for Prilosec, and noticed they have Disney "Premiere Princess" Halloween costumes for little girls on the rack now. My niece, Princess Bookworm, is very into Cinderella right now, so I looked at a costume for her. Yipes! Thirty bucks for a costume? Blow that out your fantasia, Disney, I ain't paying that! It did give me an idea to look at costumes at the drugstore, though, so when I picked up my Darvocet and some meds that are supposed to keep me from having killer gallstones, I got not one but two princess outfits. My Christmas present to her is going to be a whole box of dress-up stuff--dresses, gloves, jewelry and all I need to find are some shoes.

When I got home from errands, I had just changed into something comfy when the doorbell rang. I got to the door just in time to see the back of the UPS guy as he walked to his truck (nice buns!). Outside was a very large package, which I lifted with some care, having hurt myself bringing in the 100 daff bulbs from White Flower Farm. This one, though, was light as air, and when I'd gotten it into the breezeway, I started turning it this way and that to see the return address. Turns out it's from my buddy the wool-bearing quadruped down there in Georgia, and inside were two of the cutest sea otters ever!

I'm sure I squealed like a kid on Christmas morning, and then I scooped up my otters and headed inside. There was a Jaws-like moment when I felt a tugging on the otter, and looked down to see Stormdog with the otter's tail in his mouth. I yelled "NO" in my best alpha bitch tone, and followed it up with the injunction that these are MY otters, and no fuzzybutts had better get any evil ideas.

All in all, a very good day, even if I do still hurt from trying to do too much.


Sherri said...

I may haev some beady type jewelry to add to your box. I'll know once I get my back room organized again.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that a package, that with any luck will be mailed tomorrow, just might have both the original 1950 Cinderella as well as Dreams Come True from 2002 in it.

Anonymous said...

Your niece is as bad as mine, Jammies. Absolutely gaga over those types of clothes. :)

The otters are sweet.

*HUGS* Jammies. Get well soon.