Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Only two slob days left

Today and tomorrow for slobbing around the house, and then I go back to work on Thursday. I'll work half days on Thursday and Friday, then full time again starting on Monday the 18th. I haven't done any of the things I thought I would do while I was off work. Lazybutt. I might manage to get my filing done today--it depends on whether I spend this afternoon on the phone with a friend or napping.

Rooter has been especially active the last day or so, probably running around feeding up for hibernation time. I've seen her gallumphing across the front yard and in the back, closer to the house than she usually gets. At a guess, she's twice the size of lilblackconnivingkitty, but she evidently needs to bulk up a bit more for the winter. The dogs are getting tremendously spoiled from having me home, and Bigfoot at least has taken to demanding things like water, dinner, and trips outside when he wants them and right then, by golly. He is going to be one sorry pup on Thursday.

"Night of the Darned" is finished and ready to go for the Halloween contest at Lit. It's the longest sock story yet at 4,400+ words, and although only one of the others has a convential happy ending, this one is definitely the darkest. I'm waiting for S-Des to repeat his "sick and twisted" comment via the public forum when it gets posted. *grin*

My oldest friend in the world (not that she's old, just that we've been friends for 35 years) visited Friday and brought me a bunch of books. I've read four, and I think I'll probably skip the rest. They're all very modern fiction, and while they were okay, I didn't find anything in there that made me want to keep them for re-reading. Instead, I've started re-reading a series that I am planning to give Mallie for Christmas, assuming she ever finishes any of the hundred-odd books she's got hanging around.

Plug for a friend, here:

My sister-in-law "Anabel" has a pal who makes beautiful earrings. I got to select two pairs for birthday and get well gifts. I would definitely recommend a visit to SuQ Designs!

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