Saturday, September 23, 2006


Evidently, lilblackkitty is quite the adventurer. I responded to an ad in the local paper, and a very sweet young couple came out to the house today to see the kitty. They live south of Akron, but they both work at the tv station up the street, and they're pretty sure it's their kitty who's been living in my yard since August. They think he hitched a ride in the bed of their pickup one day when they went to work, then hopped out and wandered off.

Unfortunately, he's a skittish little booger. Apparently, he was to start with, but after over a month in my yard, with dogs, groundhogs, traffic, Josh on the lawnmower and deer to startle him, he's exceptionally nervous now. So at the moment, there's an unset humane trap in the driveway, with a dish of food in it. Every day, I'm going to push the food a little farther back in the trap, and the minute I have the fugitive caught, I'm going to call his owner and send his little butt home. Well, not so little after a month of eating Kitten Chow. ;)

There are two odd things--first is that Thunder's name is so close to Bigfoot's real name, Thunderstorm. The second is that Thunder's owner and I have the same first name. Maybe he was meant to wind up here, I don't know. I just know I'm glad he'll be going home safely before Halloween and before the snow flies. :)

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miz jett said...

Awwwww! Lil black kitties are the cutest. *nods* And it makes me giggle that I'm a witch with a witchy looking cat, but I didn't pick him out myself.