Saturday, September 09, 2006

I'm being played

This said with a wry grin and a roll of the eyes.

After feeding the dogs, I went out to the garage and put some cat food on the plate in the driveway. Because I've been overdoing it, I was a bit sore, so I sat down on a lawn chair to rest for a few minutes. Lilblackkitty ate dinner, but instead of running away, decided to settle down in the driveway for a bit. I stayed to talk and see if perhaps I could approach close enough to see if lilblackkitty is black or does have some brown patches.

I talked, the cat watched me, then sat up and looked into the garage where I leave the bag of food. Just then, a mouse scuttled past where the garage floor meets the driveway. The kitty ignored the mouse, looked at me, and walked over to the bag of food and meowed.

My guess is that kitty has a house somewhere, but is an outdoor kitty. He or she certainly wasn't feral enough to kill a mouse running two inches in front of it, or even to make a try at it.

*laughing at myself*

Once more, the big softie gets taken in.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I believe it was Neil Diamond who sang, "You are the sun I am the moon You are the words I am the tune
Play me."

And I just know that you love it!


Sherri said...

Awww. she might be trying to find a new home. Years ago, we had to give my cat away when we moved to apartments that didn't allow pets. The friends we gave her to apparently didn't suit her, and she insinuated herself into a house down the street.

Don't put it past a cat. She might like you better.