Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thank you, Zayrina

for giving me the phrase "I have a tumor on my greed gland." That's what I tell myself every time I go bananas at the nursery. I did, in fact, stick to my list, yay me, and came in $12 under budget. However, the burgundy sweet potato vines I wanted aren't ready yet and neither are the butterfly bushes and I need two more helichrysum. I also succumbed to two gorgeous Martha Washington geraniums, which was dumb because I have geraniums older than my nephew and taller than I am! Now I have two more that I'll have to bring in and make space for next fall.

It's also a very chilly, very rainy spring day here, the house is a pit, and I've got a screaming sinus pressure/tension/low blood sugar headache. I've divested my car of my morning's purchases, eaten some yogurt, and I'm about to go take a midday bath with a ton of lavender bubble bath and see if a nap will kill the headache.

I got:

Two each Beacon Silver lamium with pink, white or purple flowers
The aforementioned geraniums
Twelve Munstead lavender
Six basil
Two each Big Boy and Beefmaster tomatos
Ten bags hardwood mulch
One helichrysum
One licorice plant
One delphinium
One blue balloonflower

and I totally forgot to get any ibuprofen!


Anonymous said...

I thought my teeth were going to be pushed out of my head yesterday from the sinus pressure. I also hurt all over. It's the weather.

Oh, and you're welcome.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and should I manage to get up to see you again, will I be needing a machete to get to the door?


Scott said...

I misread "Beacon Silver lamium" as "Bacon Silver lamium". I love bacon.

Sherri said...

Damn! I wanted some Munstead Lavender but when I went to order it, it wasn't available anymore! I'll have to comb the local nurseries. I have to get the roses I've got listed, though. I have VERY limited space, and I wanted to plant some small lavender plants around the roses.

Are you going to root me a Hydrangea??

The two MinPins who live next door are in the running against Bigfoot for "Most Convincing Display of Pure Misery by a Dog" Oscar.

Becs said...

Jammies, my two Korean lilacs are now in bloom. How I wish I could give them to someone who would appreciate them! They're now about 4' wide by 5' tall and I'm sure they're a thing of someone else.