Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Still alive

Even though I haven't been around much. I'm ready for the holiday weekend--there are fifty-five fifty pound bags of mulch in my garage, three forty pound bags of topsoil, a flat of Dusty Miller, four tomato plants, two peppermint plants and four lamium waiting for planting. I've turned down my mother's request that I babysit my nephews this weekend, and I'm excited to get moving on the garden. =)


rgraham666 said...

You need a ton and a half of mulch, one hundred and twenty pounds of topsoil as well as a flat of Dusty Miller (however much and what ever that is) for ten plants?

Isn't that a bit much?


Nice to hear from you again, Jammies. *HUGS*

Anonymous said...

She tends to get a lot of it under her fingernails.


Mike from Eerie who is tryin to be funny said...

A flat Dusty Miller!!!! Did you run him over, again????

Jammies said...

Rob, you've been here and seen the flowerbeds--you should know that's not an unreasonable amount of dirt and mulch.

Z, you forgot that I get some under my toenails, too. ;)

Mike, thanks for reminding me--I got some basil to keep Dusty Miller company and to clip bits off of.

Canuck Girl said...

What, only 4 tomato plants? How will you manage? (I think I may have spent too much time around Italians. JP's dad plants about 140 every year...)

happy gardening

Basil F. Zackerly. said...

Kindly keep your hands off of my bits.